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How do I go about sending my bag in for repair?
Why can’t I see my registered TUMI products in my Tumi.hk profile?
Where is my Tracer Plate located?
Can I use two credit cards to pay for my purchase?
How can I check the status of my order?
What is the sequence my order will take during the tracking period?
How do I add products to my shopping cart?
How do I submit feedback for my TUMI prodcuts and/or experience?
What is FXT Military Ballistic Nylon?
Who can i contact for inventory availability of a product in a TUMI store/outlet?
How do i set my TUMI Lock? Where is my key?
How can I learn more about a product?
How do I know if a product is available?
What is your return policy?
How do I return an item purchased on Tumi.hk?
How do I exchange an item I order through Tumi.hk?
How can I make changes to my shopping cart?
When should I expect to my products to be shipped?
What if I am shipped the wrong product, color or size?
when will I receive my tracking number?
Why can’t i ship an item i want from the HK website to another country and vice versa?
What carrier does TUMI use to ship their products?