TUMI Focus on creating customized, creative personality ideas that offer a unique and exclusive experience
Hot stamping service with unique combination of letters & variety of color selection for your TUMI items,
perfectly express your personality attitude for your perfect journey
Customize your signature
The first step: your signature
Click the input box to activate personalized customization
Enter the letter or symbol you want to customize
Second Step: Select Color
Choose the color you like
The third step: Preview Personalized Customization
Choose to apply on a monorgam patch or TUMI Luggage tag
TUMI Ashton High-end series exclusive custom replaceable accessories,
including flame red, bright yellow, ocean blue, pure white four colors,
perfectly express your the personality.
Products support personalization
Personalized letter or symbol hot stamping service is available for manyTumi bag & amp; Suitcase series, please contact customer service for details.
Hot Stamping Position
Hot stamping can be performed on the leather patch or luggage tag
Personalized Styles
There are choice of English letters, Numbers and a variety of emoticons in the same size, simple font. Choose from a variety of colors with maximum of 3 letters to customize your own style
Delivery time
Personalization products will take 1-3 extra working days for delivery comparing to the standard delivery.
Complimentary customization Services
Hop stamping serice is free of charge
About Redemption
Personalized product cannot be refunded